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Dear A&J

Dear A&J is a collection of relationship advice curated just for you. It's selected carefully from the hundreds and thousands of emails from our 350,000+ subscribers and fans asking for help with their love lives.

These letters address REAL issues, asked by REAL people just like you.


Archived Videos

As bonus #2 you get a library of archived videos that we don't release to the public. These include bonus videos on relationship topics, behind-the-scenes footage, and extra clips. You'll be able to watch ALL of them at your convenience.

You'll learn from them just as much as the tens of thousands of members who have seen the content.


Extras & Laughs

Extras & Laughs is all about entertaining YOU. Who says relationships are hard work and no play? Love should be fun! This is why we’ve dedicated a special section in the members area to read about favorite, inspiring, funny, or touching relationship videos and stories.

You'll also be able to see other members' contributions as well - and maybe share some of your own!


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